Saigontourist Group reached top 100 ‘ASEAN Businesses Award 2020’ and also awarded the 'Best ASEAN Brand Award 2020' at the 'ASEAN Economic Forum 2020' and the award-announcement ceremony, the 'ASEAN Award 2020'.

‘ASEAN Economic Forum 2020’ is one of the important events of ASEAN in 2020. This year, Vietnam is honored to become the host of ASEAN events including ‘ASEAN Economic Forum 2020’ and especially the annually held award-announcement ceremony ‘ASEAN Award 2020’ to provide information about various businesses and honor some of the best businesses, including Vietnamese businesses, among ASEAN community (Association of Southeast Asian Nations).

"The two ASEAN Awards 2020 show that the whole ASEAN economic community now has more appreciation and recognition for Saigontourist Group. Not only bringing joy, but the award is also meaningful as it creates more motivation for leaders and staff of Saigontourist Group, which has just celebrated the 45th anniversary of establishment and operation", said Mr. Pham Huy Binh, the chairman of Saigontourist Group.

At both the economic forum and awards ceremony, Vietnamese businesses have the opportunity to seek for new markets, new partners, new trading promotion methods as well as to try their best looking for0 solutions to cope with challenges emerging from the consequences caused by the pandemic.

All the interaction between businesses is conducted through discussions with representatives from the Vietnamese government and authorities, Embassies of Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, and other ASEAN countries in Vietnam as well as diplomatic organizations and foreign associations in Vietnam.


After 45 years of establishment and operation, Saigontourist Group is now one of the leading travel groups in Vietnam, managing more than 100 hotels, resorts, restaurants, tour operators, amusement parks, tourism training centers, conference exhibitions, seminars, golf courses and cable TVs, etc.

Saigontourist Group is able to welcome and serve over 3 million visitors per year. Saigontourist has also built strong partnerships with tens of thousands of major domestic and foreign companies, which helps it collect the total revenue of about 22,500 billion VND per year, the profits of about 5,000 billion VND and submitting a national budget of over 4,500 billion.

With a medium- and long-term vision, Saigontourist Group is aiming to become one of the leading travel brands in the Southeast Asia region and the whole continent in the fields of lodging, F&B, travel agents, entertainment, training and other services.

Source: Destination Review