Client: Khanh Hoa Department of Tourism


In Khanh Hoa, accommodation is one of the most important contributors to the province's tourism revenue. With the aim of comprehensively reassessing the local accommodation supply chain system to get an overview and in depth of the entire accommodation industry structure, Khanh Hoa Department of Tourism has coordinated with Outbox Consulting to conduct a research project on assessment of the Khanh Hoa accommodation service supply system.


To assess the local aspect and characterization of the accommodation structure in Khanh Hoa in both supply and demand perspectives, we conducted:

  • Analyze the characteristics of accommodation segments throughout the supply chain.
  • Research to identify aspects in the local supply chain accommodation.
  • Research to determine the accommodation supply structure, characteristics and size of demands, characteristics of guests staying in Khanh Hoa, then assessing the supply-demand relationship and forecasting future trends which might impact the structure of the accommodation industry in Khanh Hoa.


In addition to determining the supply chain structure, the research also pointed out important findings on the accommodation supply chain in Khanh Hoa related to the relationship between supply and demand, distribution status as well as problems faced by the local supply chain.

From the actual situation of the accommodation supply chain combined with forecasts for future trends, the research also recommends that the Department of Tourism of Khanh Hoa province as well as local accommodation businesses have the proper development orientation in the coming time.