Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.    What does Outbox Consulting do?

We help entrepreneurs and DMOs get ready to create extraordinary tourism destinations for their own clients. This usally consists of some or all of the following services:

-      Destination design: destination concept development, project investment plan, customer experience design, strategy development, potential analysis, destination set-up plan.

-      Destination management: destination management solutions design, market research and analysis, operation procedure design, destination model design.

-      Destination branding: marketing strategy, guide book solutions, branding strategy.

Besides, we also provide community opportunities to reach tourism and hospitality insights through our independent research reports and our related workshop & conference series.

2.    What industries do you specialize in?

We take pride in our ability to serve our clients all aspects of tourism and hospitality industry.

3.    What are your qualifications?

We’re all experienced and creative experts in tourism industry. Many have MBAs/ MA from top foreign universities, and some have PhDs in tourism & hospitality. Most importantly, we always think different in every steps to support innovate and unique projects for our clients. 

4.    What is the origin of Outbox Consulting’s name?

All of our thoughts are always outside of the box. That is our philosophy from the first days when our founders formed the company in early 2017. Innovate, Different and Creative are always the way we think at Outbox Consulting. 

5.    Why should we hire a consulting agency to develop our project instead of doing it ourselves?

You could easily spend many hours preparing an idea development plan, forecast, management solutions for your destination, even though you have an MBA. Instead you should probably use that time to build your team, business plan and customer base. In addition to our expertise in destination development, we offer independent, third-party insights into your business and your destination, providing solutions that you might not have thought.

6.    What makes your services so special?

Most importantly, they work. All of our consulting services are built on the basis of deep researchs with innovate thinking and integrate approach. 

We are a first agency in Vietnam specialized in tourism and hospitality industry. We offer not only a professional consulting approach but also a whole-hearted care for all the destination’s development process by creative thinking, in order to provide integrated solutions tailored to tourism destination’s needs. 

7.    How does the process work?

Every project is unique. However, some fairly common steps inculde the following:

-      Initial discussion to understand your basic needs (This is always a first step for all project we approach. Listening carefully our clients is the way we begin).

-      Review your existing situation (business plan, market research, idea, product…).

-      Run the independent inspections.

-      Draft the Proposal detailing all our ideas, process, products for your project.

-      Several in-depth discussions to better understand the details, develop strategies and agree on all major elements of project.

-      Follow up discussion to clarify details and agree upon the scope, idea, timeline and fees for the project. 

-      Conduct addtional research, as needed.

-      Begin filling in the details on the draft. Obtain and incorporate your feedback.

-      Finalize all deliverables.

-      Provide ongoing support, including making minor updates to the deliverables at no additional charge.

8.    How long does it take?

The actual time can be influenced by the scope of the project and the quality of your existing materials, the level of your participation, the complexity of your market, business model, destination model, and our current workload. 

9.    How do you price your services?

In general, there’s no fixed fee. The fee is determined by:

-      The scope of the project.

-      The complexity of all deliverables.

-      Your specific needs

-      The quality of your existing materials.

By the way, if you are “price shopping,” you should know that price doesn’t tell the whole story. After all, would you choose one car over another simply because of price? Of course not – there are many dimensions you need to consider.

10.  Could we advertise with you?

Of course, we take pride in our ability to cooperate with brands in our research reports (Outbox Research) and event series (Outbox Event). For futher information, please contact us at

11.  Why should we subscribe Outbox Research?

By combining our own extensive industry experience with rigorous research  analysis along with access to top executives at nearly every major of tourism and hospitality industry, we create comprehensive research reports that drill deeply into companies, DMOs and trends shaping the future of tourim. We use proprietary tools analysis and survey data to support our qualitative observations and forecasts for the industry. We are intellectually honest and transparent with our assumptions.

Our subscribers come from within the tourism & destination ecosystem and include executives, marketers, strategists, technologists, and sales professionals from online distributors, hospitality companies, destination marketing organizations, tours and activities companies, gouverment and others.

12.  Who conducts the research reports publised by Outbox Consulting?

Our reports are researched and written by our in-house team. We have carefully built our research team where we play off each other’s strengths. Our backgrounds are diverse ranging from many experience in tourism, research program management, market sizing and forecasting, consumer trends, strategic analysis. 

We also team up by cooperating with particular domain expertise from various sectors of tourism. Between 300 to 500 hours of research, analysis and writing goes into each report. We are actively adding to our research team with a focus on building a different vision rather than using the traditional approach that many firms often utilize.

13.  How often do Outbox Research Reports get published?

In 2019, we publish a new Outbox Research Report every 2 months in various formats, including trend reports, monitor report, and more.

14.  What format are these reports available in?

They are available as a PDF copy, behind a login resquest. You can download our free report via download link sent to your email after login.

The report has a responsive design, so that you as a subscriber can read it on your desktop, tablet or any other devices.

15.  Can we share the reports with our colleagues and professional network?

No, all of Outbox Research Reports is a publication belonging to Outbox Consulting and our partners (if yes). No part of our reports may be reproduced, distributed, shared or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without our prior written permission. 

So, in case if you would like to share our research reports to your colleagues and professinonal network, please send them the Outbox Research website link.