Faced with the impact of the sudden stop that has disrupted the growth of Vietnam's extremely potential tourism industry since 2020, the domestic market is considered as a key to the recovery in the near future.

When all international tourism activities were forced to stop, domestic tourism has emerged and proved its important role when becoming a lifeline for the entire industry recently. According to a forecast from McKinsey, domestic tourism will continue to be the factor that maintains and promotes the return of the entire tourism industry until 2025.


In that context, the development policies need to be focused on attracting Vietnamese tourists, so that domestic tourism is not only an alternative in a time when international tourism is limited, but also a top choice of Vietnamese in the future. In order to make it happen, the overview of the domestic tourism market should be carefully studied to capture the portrait and needs of Vietnamese tourists for the domestic market. From there, this market can be strongly developed in the coming period.

However, since June 2021, the 4th wave of Covid-19 has had a great impact on tourism in Vietnam. Therefore, studying sentiment and determining the needs and willingness of Vietnamese tourists to return to tourism is a prerequisite for making recovery plans as well as attracting tourists back to domestic tourism activities.

The upcoming research report on the stage of Vietnam domestic tourism from Outbox in conjunction with Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) will focus on identifying and evaluating important psychological indicators of Vietnamese travelers including:

  • Willingness to travel after the pandemic
  • Travel barriers
  • Perceived safety of travel activities

Stay tuned for the report with useful information this December!