The impact of COVID-19 has changed almost every aspect of the hospitality industry from travelers' profiles, to how those travelers book their stay, to the services they seek at the property. For hoteliers, this has forced a rapid change in strategy across the board, with some changes likely to be temporary and others settling in for the long term. Amadeus Hospitality - a Hotel Software company has conducted a survey with hoteliers across the world and compiled it into the Rebuilding Hospitality Report. 

More specifically in the report, when asked which traveler's profile will contribute to the recovery this year, 63% of hoteliers indicated that they saw ‘leisure’ and in particular ‘domestic leisure’ travelers driving bookings. Amadeus pointed out that two-thirds of their global survey did not expect to reach normal pre-pandemic occupancy levels until the end of 2022. So as the make-up of guest profiles has changed for many hotels, most likely for at least the next year, many hotels have reimagined their purpose and product, with some interesting results.

Below are the percentages of traveler's profiles that have the potential to support the recovery in 2021: 


Source: Amadeus Hospitality