As we enter this new era of travel, the always-on nature of hotel businesses has never been more apparent – and put to the test. The ability for hoteliers to sell, market, manage and grow their businesses has never been more critical.

As people, we are designed to adapt to the changing world around us. However, never before have we been called on to collectively morph so quickly as in the last 2 years. Technology use has surged, work and home life have collided, and physical distancing has separated us from those we love. Yet, there are a number of things that hoteliers must keep in mind to win and retain the new dynamic traveler, to feel confident and in control if they wish not to be left behind. SiteMinder has recently released the report “The Dynamic Traveller: A New Era Of Hotel Guest” examining how the preferences of those who travel have shifted in the last 2 years, and the comprehensive approach to online commerce that hoteliers are now being called to take as we enter a new era for the industry.


A wider suite of tools is now needed

Running a hotel has clearly become more complex than simply attracting guests to come and stay at your property. Rather, with the increased needs and grown awareness of evolved, dynamic guests, operating with intelligence to drive efficiencies is becoming non-negotiable for hoteliers that wish to stay in touch. Whether it’s creating a new website, understanding pricing across competitors, extending capabilities via the latest apps, ranking well in Google Hotel Ads and metasearch sites, or processing payments, hoteliers now need a wider range of tools than ever to operate in the current, dynamic landscape.

Building trust is vital

With more travelers seeking a direct connection with hotels, building trust via every owned channel is now vital. The way this is achieved is multi-faceted, from making sure that your website is packed with up-to-date content that allows discerning travelers a deeper insight into your offering, to ensuring that you’re creating compelling, timely promotions that include the extras which show you understand your guests’ needs.

With rising threats of fraud, it is perhaps not alarming that only 21% of travelers globally trust their accommodation provider with their personal data ‘a lot’ when paying for a stay. This does, however, highlight the crucial importance of creating a seamless and secure payment process that can be well trusted by guests.

Word-of-mouth referrals are being relied on most

Behind bucket list items, family and friends are having the biggest influence on where travelers decide to go.

Package hunters, review readers and social media investigators, dynamic guests possess the tools to crack the code to their next stay and have a strong understanding of the options available to them. They then cross-check the recommendations of their connections, by seeking the validation of others online.

To ensure you’re maximizing these word-of-mouth recommendations, create a referral program that rewards guests for telling those close to them about your business. As importantly, it’s vital that you have the right communications strategies in place to drive as many reviews as possible for your business, as this is often where the final decision is now being made.

There is an open door to your guests’ data

82% of travelers globally are not opposed to their personal data being used to better their stay, reaching as high as 93% in a tech-savvy market such as Thailand. This signals the growing need for hoteliers to get more closely acquainted with their guests' data and preferences, so they can then create the personalized offers and experiences that dynamic travelers crave and recognize from other industries. Being able to access and utilize data from those staying at your property will only grow in importance in the coming years, for those wishing to stay ahead of the dynamic traveler.

Travelers should be able to see how you've evolved

Accommodation providers that are able to show they are in touch with their guests, are those that are currently generating the most success. Making it very simple to book online, creating an inspiring space to work in, building deep connections with local businesses and displaying that you’re a sustainable, climate aware business, are all ways that you can be nodding to the dynamic traveler – who actively seeks out the clues that will allow them to land on their perfect accommodation option.

Source: SiteMinder