Summer is considered one of the most important travel seasons of Vietnam tourism. In the current context, the success of this peak tourist season will be decisive for Vietnam's tourism industry in general and tourism businesses in particular. However, Covid-19 has changed the behavior of tourists almost completely; which might challenge the destination management organizations and travel businesses in how to attract and respond to new visitors' demands. Therefore, tourism businesses need to quickly grasp the changes in the intentions and behaviors of Vietnamese tourists in order to meet the market requirements for the important upcoming tourist season.

As a pioneer in the field of research and consultancy for the tourism and hotel industry, Outbox Consulting is going to release the report "Vietnamese Summer Travel Behaviors 2021". The report will provide useful information on Vietnamese tourism behaviors and trends in the summer of 2021, such as behavioral differences among generations X, Y, Z, or traits in the behaviors of independent travelers and package tour travelers.


This will be a trusted platform for businesses in the travel industry to gain insights into their customers; thereby building appropriate product & communication strategies, and improving business efficiency in the upcoming summer travel season.

What you will get from this report?

The research report “Vietnamese Summer Travel Behaviors 2021” will help both individuals & businesses in the tourism industry understand Vietnamese in terms of who they are, their travel preferences, travel motivations, and their behaviors during the planning and booking for a trip in summer 2021:


Language: Vietnamese & English 


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