Air travel between Vietnam and China was restored on the basis of the two countries’ aviation authorities agreed on the frequency and conditions.

Vietnam has agreed to resume commercial flights to and from China after months of closure due to the coronavirus pandemic, the country’s ministry of transport said on Monday (July 13), noting that the frequency and timing of flights are still being discussed.

Previously, Vietnam suspended all commercial flights to and from China and stopped issuing visas for Chinese tourists in February after the first cases were detected in the country. A visa suspension for Chinese tourists is still in place.

Foreign experts and skilled workers, including those from China, have been able to enter Vietnam throughout the pandemic, provided they undergo mandatory quarantine.

Aviation authorities in Vietnam and China would decide on when flights would resume and their frequency, the ministry said in a statement.

China is Vietnam’s largest source of foreign tourists and biggest trading partner. Chinese tourists accounted for a third of the 18 million foreign tourists visiting Vietnam last year.

It was not immediately clear if passengers from China would be subject to Vietnam’s centralized 14-day quarantine program that is currently in place for visitors to the country.


At the same time, more repatriation flights will also be opened in order to rescue Vietnamese citizens at major transit points of international flights such as Korea and Japan, Guangzhou, Taiwan, Laos and Cambodia. Especially, the Ministry of Transport is assigned to organize the repatriation flight to rescue Vietnamese citizens from Equatorial Guinea back home as soon as possible.

However, the entry procedure remains strictly monitored to prevent illegal immigration.