TripAdvisor has created new advertising products specifically designed for tourism organizations.

The new destination sponsorship offering sits within the destination-focused travel feed and would be visible to users specifically searching for that location.

Advertising products include a cover photo with destination branding displayed at the top of the feed, photo albums, dynamic display ads and a “Discovery Carousel” with content such as trips, articles and videos to promote the destination.

“Our research continues to indicate that travel planning is a joyous and exciting time for most TripAdvisor users,” says Christine Maguire, vice president of advertising revenue for TripAdvisor.


“Our platform allows our tourism partners to do two key things: reach more travelers and share differentiated experiences. By using rich media, inclusive of vibrant imagery, video and curated travel experiences, our partners can influence and reach more travelers during the exact moment when they are most open to discovering new places to visit."

TripAdvisor says more than 300 destination marketing partners have tested the new sponsorship product and have seen an aggregate 25% lift in content engagement.

The company says this is the first of many enhancements it is making to its media products to provide better return for its advertisers.

Source: PhocusWire