This is undoubtedly a difficult time for vacation rental hosts. With bookings decreasing due to travel restrictions and country lockdowns, they are experiencing an influx of cancellations, yet still face the challenge of maintaining their properties for when restrictions ease.

Now is a great time to consider restructuring your marketing strategy. Below are some key suggestions on what you can focus on at the present moment to advance your marketing:


More specific with each tip:

Reach out to canceled guests: A place to start may be to prevent future cancellations by trying to reach out to canceled guests offering discounts for rebooking in the future. Special offers and discounts are easy ways to influence and motivate travelers to book with you. Consider offering discounts based on the date, and the length of the stay. If guests do still want to cancel their reservations, you can try to change their decision by offering them later dates to re-book their stay or to move the reservation to the next year.

Reach out to previous guests: Reaching out to these guests through email newsletters to encourage them to make bookings in the future is a great tactic. You can also consider social media advertising via sponsored posts. Create discount codes for your property and share them along with other promos you have on social media channels to ensure more visibility for your business and, thus, more bookings.

Rethink your marketing and communication touchpoints: Redesign your newsletter and the way you reach out to guests after they leave. This is the best way to stay in touch with guests and keep them updated. Create something eye-catching, interesting, informative, and funny to help readers stay positive at this time. You can also adjust your marketing and listing descriptions to reflect the efforts you’re making to support guests. Mention what you’re doing to keep your properties sanitized and to limit human contact (for example, keyless entry solutions so an in-person key exchange is unnecessary).

Source: Traveldailynews