#1 A request for unique experiences

Tour operators are now receiving requests for unique experiences from travellers who want to do something that is a once-in-a-lifetime. This is becoming more common amongst Millennials who want to explore the world and share their stories with others.


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#2 Ecological tours are in demand

Ecological tours are the most popular tours offered by many tour &activity operators who responded to our 2018 Tourism Survey. These are usually rare experiences that educate and share inside information on the area, and how to protect it for the future. Tours that use proceeds to fund ecological projects such as forest or animal habitat restoration are chosen above alternatives without a cause.


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#3 Local experiences

Travellers are choosing to become more immersed in the local culture when visiting a destination. They want to do what the locals do and eat where local seat. Airbnb Experiences are offering a solution where travellers can book a local experience with a destination native .


#4 Multi-day tours and activities

There is a shift with multi-day tours and activities being booked further in advance and being a preferred option for travellers. Convenience is a key selling point as travellers no longer need to spend time planning various activities.


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 #5 History and culture

Walking tours are still one of the leading experiences for anyone visiting a new location. They are a great opportunity to find your bearing, meet other travellers and have all their questions answered by a destination experts.a


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                                                                                              Source: Travel Trends Report 2019 - TrekkSoft