2020 is a difficult year for Vietnam's tourism industry as many tourism businesses have to suffer from the pandemic. However, this is also the time for businesses to research and prepare products and services for recovery, knowing that the burgeoning travel demand can become a great potential to resume tourism in 2021 and further.

To stay ahead of the trend and optimize operational efficiency, one of the foremost essentials they need to seize is to quickly adapt. As the leading tourism brand in Vietnam, Saigontourist Group has started with an innovation in which to bring a new image to its hotel in the new context. Outbox Consulting is honored to become Saigontourist's partner to make the hotel not only an accommodation but also an attractive destination that appeals to new market segmentation.


The combination of Outbox Consulting and Saigontourist Group promises to bring the best solution with creative and innovative thinking. Not only giving out a new idea, but Outbox Consulting also researched and analyzed market demand and target customer, based on Saigontourist's core values to develop an optimal solution that optimizes hotel resources. This solution will turn the "old" into "characteristic value", diversify the functions of hotel to reach many market segments, while optimizing revenue and management.


Through this collaboration, Outbox Consulting hopes to help Saigontourist Group get ready for the upcoming recovery, and to suggest innovative ways for both Saigontourist  Group and other tourism businesses in Vietnam to breakthrough. Let's look forward to our project in 2021!