Clients: Taiwan Tourism Bureau 

Taiwan is a popular travel destination with the number of travelers are increasing rapidly in recent years and is one of the top choices of Vietnamese travelers.

For the tourism industry, the customer profile and destination image are the main factors influencing marketing and tourist attraction. However, in-depth studies on Vietnamese outbound travelers' portraits as well as discovering the thoughts and perceptions of Vietnamese travelers about destination images, specifically Taiwan are still very limited.

Therefore, to have a comprehensive view of the travelers' portraits and their destination image awareness of Taiwan, as the basis for the development of the destination promotion communication strategy and plan, Taiwan Tourism Bureau has cooperated with Outbox Consulting to conduct research on Vietnamese outbound travelers portraits and Vietnamese travelers perception of Taiwan destination image.

In order to effectively exploit different aspects of the whole research project, for each objective, we chose the appropriate research approaches and methods. Specifically: 
  • Establish portraits of Vietnamese outbound travelers by identifying and examining those who have traveled abroad and intend to travel abroad in the future
  • Determine and select those who have traveled to Taiwan and figure out their perceptions of Taiwan's destination image. The differences in terms of traveling depending on the purpose, budget, and the requirement of travel experience will also lead to the difference in the traveler's perception of the destination image, therefore the target interviewees are also classified by independent travel and tour-packaged travel 
  • Specifically delimitating the portrait of Vietnamese outbound travelers by age group through criteria as demographic information, travel preferences, and travel purposes.
  • Capturing the perception of Vietnamese travelers about the image of Taiwan destination, including intangible factors such as perception of emotions and feelings of travelers at the destination, and tangible factors such as the perception of facilities infrastructure and functions at the Taiwan destination.

Therefore, propose to the Taiwan Tourism Bureau the right orientations in tourism development in order to optimize the current values ​​of the destination, as well as effectively exploit the potential tourism values ​​in the future.