Ovolo Hotels has now become the first hotel group in Australia to make it compulsory for all frontline, guest facing employees to wear face masks to help with its new campaign ‘Masking for a Friend’. 

It has become abundantly clear the wearing of face masks drastically helps in slowing the spread of COVID-19. Therefore, Ovolo Hotels has come to a decision to launch the campaign named "Masking for a Friend", making wearing face masks become a must in a new normal, marking it to be the pioneer among other hotel groups in Australia to have such regulations.

With this campaign, frontline guest facing staff at all Ovolo Group hotels in Australia will be required to wear face masks when on duty.

Additionally, it will provide OC/DC kits on request which contain useful information on Ovolo’s OC/DC initiative and how it is helping stop the spread, with a mask for those guests who need that extra reassurance.

Commenting on the bold move, Ovolo Hotels founder and CEO Girish Jhunjhnuwala said: “We know everyone will miss the beaming smiles of our shiny, happy people, but it’s the right thing to do to. It will not be forever, but for now, we all do our bit to help stop the spread. And when it’s all over and the masks come off – we’ll share a cheeky grin again!”

ocdc-mask-announcement-social-2_linkedin-scaled-e1595351579656-1024x682Earlier this month, the hotel chain launched OC/DC (Obsessive Commitment to Deep Cleaning) which was developed to bring a little fun to what can be mundane and incorporate musical undertones, in true Ovolo fashion. So, whether that’s rockin’ out on temperature checks or rollin’ out the hand sanitizer, guests can fully relax knowing that there are 10 squeaky clean rules and regulations, alongside the latest addition of all employees wearing masks, which have been implemented.

Source: Destination Review