• Client: Department of Tourism Ho Chi Minh City
  • Venue: Ho Chi Minh City


With the goal of understanding the targeted markets as well as visitor insights to Ho Chi Minh City, Outbox Consulting has come up with an overall market research plan for the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Tourism for the first time.  This is a pioneering project with a completely different thinking approach and international research standards, promising to become a groundwork for Ho Chi Minh City Department of Tourism to optimize destination marketing and product development strategies.

The research object was identified as the top 10 international markets to Ho Chi Minh City with the highest average number of tourists.

The implementation method will be a combination of quantitative research through a questionnaire survey on international visitors to Ho Chi Minh City (inbound visitor) from target markets and qualitative research through in-depth interviews on a number of service provider representatives directly related to the target markets.

The results of the study will include an Overview report of the top 10 key tourist markets of Ho Chi Minh City and Visitor profile report for each market. This might help Ho Chi Minh City Department of Tourism:

  • Identify and deeply understand important market information that is crucial to the destination as well as capture the status of potential markets in the future.
  • Assess the behaviors, habits and consumer trends of key tourism markets at the destination.
  • Evaluate the quality of services and products at the destination, as well as measure visitor satisfaction with the destination value chain.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the destination marketing campaigns and activities in the target markets.
  • Develop and effectively implement new marketing strategies for the destination.
  • Provide a comprehensive research plan for the project.
  • Conduct visitor surveys and in-depth interviews with appropriate experts.
  • Analyze information and produce comprehensive research reports.