Client: Khanh Hoa Department of Tourism


Tourist destination today is not only a place for tourists to visit and relax but also an important driving force for economic growth in countries around the world. Therefore, any tourist destination will face stiff competition from around the world. Therefore, at the current stage, destination branding and marketing have become a strategic tool for destination management organizations (DMOs) and tourism businesses to attract tourists. It is becoming more and more important as the number of destinations adopting the concept of destination branding is continuously increasing. All of this can be seen in popular tourist places like Serbia, New Zealand, Australia, Spain, Colombia and Brazil. The fierce competition among tourist destinations shows the urgency to find a solution to gain the attention and trust of potential investors, tourists, media and other countries, especially in this era of globalization.

Khanh Hoa, with its favorable geographical position, rich natural resources, and year-round mild climate, has long been considered a famous destination for tourists. Along with the development of Vietnam's tourism, tourism in Khanh Hoa province also has a positive growth over the years with an average growth rate of arrivals of 12% to 19% per year. Khanh Hoa tourism has become one of the most developed tourism destinations in the South Central Coast region in particular and the whole country in general. However, that rapid development also requires Khanh Hoa to put their tourism sector under new competitive pressures with bigger goals to elevate Khanh Hoa tourism in accordance with its inherent potential. Thereby improving the ability to attract key tourism markets as well as new markets; bringing Khanh Hoa to a new position in Vietnam's tourism landscape, ready to compete with similar destinations in the region and continent.

Therefore, Khanh Hoa Department of Tourism needs to develop a tourism brand in keeping with the goals and development orientation of Vietnam's tourism brand & associated with regional tourism brands. Thereby promoting the typical local values and optimizing the inherent competitive advantages of the destination and catching up with the trends of the tourism market in the new context.


By conducting surveys, in-depth interviews with local tourism managers and businesses, combined with a deep understanding of destination branding, we researched and provided Khanh Hoa Department of Tourism a comprehensive strategic orientation to develop Khanh Hoa tourism brand in the period of 2021 - 2025, with a vision to 2030. In which, some important tasks and initiatives are proposed and solved as below:

  • Overall assess the health of Khanh Hoa tourism brand by determining the level of brand recognition for target markets, and the effectiveness of brand performance.
  • Determine the complete system of Khanh Hoa tourism resource characteristics as well as analyze the competitiveness of Khanh Hoa destination compare to other regional rivals; thereby identifying the core values and potentials of Khanh Hoa tourism as the basis for the strategic orientation of the local brand.
  • Define the optimal brand orientation model for Khanh Hoa on the basis of exploiting the differentiating values of the destination, maximizing the destination image recognition of the target market and clearly showing DMO’s vision and development aspirations.
  • Propose a detailed action plan and initiatives to implement the destination marketing strategy on the basis of a comprehensive assessment of the local implementation capacity towards the goal of building tourists' awareness of Khanh Hoa brand, gradually improving brand recognition and promoting tourists to choose Khanh Hoa.


The orientation report "Khanh Hoa tourism brand strategy in the period of 2021-2025, vision to 2030" will be an important guideline for Khanh Hoa Department of Tourism to deploy development solutions and building a flexible and dynamic Khanh Hoa tourism brand. From that, Khanh Hoa can actualize the local development vision, promote competitive advantages, improve supply capacity and local tourism infrastructure.