Since more and more travelers prioritize experiences in the trip but are not ready to give up all the convenience and amenities in a regular hotel/resort, glamping offers them the best of both worlds.

The way of travel has changed as nowadays travelers, especially millennials and Gen Zs, no longer want a generic, one-size-fits-all vacation, they want to explore and immerse in local culture in their own pace and activities. Travelers’ behavior has shifted from simply contemplating nature to living in it and absorbing all the values within it.

However, lying in nature and looking at the night sky is not that easy, and building a tent from scratch, cooking meals and making campfire means campers have to take all the equipment along the way with them. With many travelers, this lack of amenities and convenience becomes a giant block from their adventures.

Thus, glamping has become particularly popular with 21st-century travelers seeking the luxuries of hotel accommodation alongside the escapism and adventure recreation of camping.

What is ‘glamping’?

Glamping is a portmanteau word formed from ‘glamorous’ and ‘camping’ and used to describe a style of luxury experiential travel. It can be considered as camping with amenities and, in some cases, resort-style services that are not usually associated with traditional camping.

Glamping takes all the hard work out of traditional camping. It’s a way to experience the untamed and completely unique parts of the world—without having to sacrifice creature comforts.


The accommodation for glamping was originally tents, but then it has been adopting more and more unique styles of living such as teepees, yurts (a type of Mongolian tents), cabin, trailers, cabins, cubes/pods, domes, huts, wagons and treehouses.

What makes glamping become popular?

Offer authentic experiences of camping with comfort

Just from its name glamping, travelers can expect to have glamorous camping experiences. Glamping can offer just as many activities as camping such as going for a walk in the forest, spending afternoon fishing, getting together around the campfire, having a great BBC evening and observing countless stars in the night sky. But most important, glamping offers all these with styles, with luxury, with comfort.

“Glamping is a lot about luxury, it can have very high prices and may not be accessible for everyone,” said Margaux Bossanne, the development and commercial manager for Huttopia, a glamping company with more than 50 sites worldwide. With such investment in each glampsite, glampers’ comfort is one of the top priorities to be fulfilled.

Feature luxury of an away-home

In some aspects, a glamping unit somehow looks alike a mini-house since it is equipped with everything travelers need on a daily basis. With some sites, travelers are not necessarily bothered to bring any as they can easily get access to whatever they need during their stay since their glamping is fully furnished from the kitchen, cooking utensils to groceries.

“The great thing about glamping is you will have a kitchen there, and you’ll be able to bring your own food and make your own meals,” said Caleb Hartung, the chief executive of Campspot, an online marketplace for glampsites and other outdoor accommodations. “You’ll have a fridge and all the comforts of home.”


Ensure privacy for each unit

Every glampsite is usually built in an isolated area and every accommodation unit in glamping is usually located quite far from each other to protect glampers’ privacy as they have no need of being disrupted by others in their getaway.

Especially, thanks to its privacy, glamping becomes one of a few accommodations that can strictly follow the social distancing policy in the current time. Travelers having a getaway or a staycation in a glampsite also have a smaller chance to contact staff as well as other travelers so that they can fully enjoy their trip with safety and confidence.

Silver lighting in the 'pandemic' cloud

Although glamping is not new in tourism and has been adopted in numerous places all over the world, especially in countries that have a large area of hills, lakes or forests, etc, it suddenly became noticed again when travelers are trying their best seeking for suitable travel type during this pandemic.


For example, recently, The Hoxton has launched its first glampsite in Oxfordshire named Hox Camp among other hotels in the chain and quickly announced many of its new benefits and promotion to guests during this chaotic time for tourism. Unlike other glampsite, Hox Camp is built outside a property of The Hoxton in the countryside. Originally a hotel chain, The Hoxton was flexible and creative enough to quickly respond to the pandemic by taking the fullest advantage of its outdoor areas and building a temporary glampsite with 12 tents. One of the highlights of Hox Camp is that guests can cook and enjoy BBC parties at their will and the hotel staff will help them with the cleaning. Moreover, guests staying in Hox Camp can get a free night in any of The Hoxton hotels from now till the end of October.

As the pandemic is yet to be controlled, many businesses in the lodging industry are struggling with low occupancy and humble expense as well as travelers’ hesitation to travel again. Therefore, glamping can become a reasonable solution for spacious-enough hotels to pursue, taking advantage of available resources to make their way through this hard time.

Source: Destination Review