Mr. Dinh Viet Thang, the director of the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam, stated that commercial flights for Vietnam – China routes are yet to be operated for tourists.

According to Mr. Thang, in the coming time, flights that are allowed to resume operation up to now mainly carry diplomats, experts, investors, skilled workers, oversea students and foreign students studying in Vietnam (including relatives of those people) as only those are allowed to enter Vietnam.

There are additional comments that many businesses are also looking forward to bring their experts, skilled workers to Vietnam through flights. The representative of Ford Vietnam said that nearly 20 of their foreign experts are still stuck in other countries and unable to enter Vietnam due to strict policies being applied to all people on entry at the moment.

“Currently we are in need of experts to transfer technology, restart projects on new models that have been delayed for the past few months” – the Ford Vietnam representative announced.

When asked about this, Vietnam Airlines representative said that it is important to resume air travel between Vietnam and China; however, these flights are yet not commercial flights but mostly repatriation flights or special flights that carry a certain of prioritized passengers.

According to Vietnam Airlines, many passengers are still confused about purchasing tickets and signing up for flights to and from China.

Vietnamese citizens who wish to be on repatriation flights must register with the embassy to arrange the flights and purchase tickets. As for the experts, skilled workers and overseas students, there will be changes in the registration to book flight tickets to Vietnam.

Businesses in Vietnam that wish for their foreign workers to be allowed on entry must register with the locality. Once approved, the Immigration Department will decide and issue the final entry permission.


A leader of the Airport Corporation of Vietnam (ACV) added that the whole aviation industry is preparing future plans to serve increased international flights once the Chinese market is fully reopened.

After the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam has finalized the general plan, the ACV will arrange all airport services to ensure infrastructure capacity to safely receive flights.