9 of the top 10 preferred locations for digital nomads are coastal countries that are gateways to their region (major airport and intl. flights) and a gross national income per capita that is less than the average budget of a digital nomad

Provided by Abrotherabroad, below are the top 10 rated places for digital nomads by digital nomads:


All of the top-rated countries per region follow the coastal country pattern, income per capita less than $22,500 annually (except Portugal), and gateway to a region of the world with cheap, reliable access to nearby countries.

In this survey, the percentage of digital nomads who rate these top destinations for this nomadic lifestyle for some countries like Mexico – the top favorite is 13%, followed by Thailand (12% of nomads surveyed), Indonesia (9% of nomads surveyed), Colombia (7% of nomads surveyed) and Vietnam (5% of nomads surveyed)

In addition, in Western Europe, Portugal was rated the top digital nomad location, in the Middle East is Turkey and in Africa is South Africa.

Other regions such as Southeast Asia was rated the most popular region for DNs with 34% of the votes, followed by Central America with 16% of the votes and South America with 13% of the votes.

Source: ABrotherAbroad.com