CLIENT: People's Committee of District 5, Ho Chi Minh City


Well-known as the leading culinary destination in Ho Chi Minh City, District 5 as well as Chợ Lớn area in general possesses a diverse culinary space and has its own identity compared to other destinations in the city. However, District 5 has yet to fully exploit its potentials to create clear products and activities so as to attract customers. Therefore, with the goal of building and positioning the food tourism brand in District 5, increasing the community's participation in tourism activities and increasing the proportion of food tourism's direct revenue in District 5’s economic general development, the People's Committee of District 5 coordinates with Outbox Consulting to develop the District 5 food tourism development strategy for the period 2020 - 2025.


  • Research the context and current status of food tourism development in District 5:In order to have a comprehensive view of the current status of food tourism development in District 5, Outbox conducts information synthesis and analysis to assess the presence, diversity and core values of food tourism in District 5. We have conducted research on (1) the changing landscape of tourism demand and the importance of local culinary experiences; (2) tourism development orientation of Ho Chi Minh City and District 5.  
  • Evaluate resources and development potential of food tourism in District 5 through the Value Chain model:Outbox has applied the method of assessing resources for food tourism development in District 5 through the Value Chain. This approach aims to comprehensively and objectively evaluate the role and linkages of stakeholders in the food tourism development in District 5. 
  • Define vision and mission: Outbox has evaluated and analyzed three core elements of (1) The District 5 food tourism development goal in the overall development of Ho Chi Minh City; (2) The target group for the tourism development strategy; (3) The District core principles and values put into the food tourism development as the foundation to develop a Suitable Vision, a Clear Mission and Possible Strategic Plans for District 5. 
  • Build a food tourism development model in District 5: Based on the current status and trends of tourism products development, and on the Tourism Experience Model (TEM), the model of food tourism development in District 5 is designed to ensure to achieve all goals which are to make Ho Chi Minh City the top food tourism brand and generate revenue from food tourism. 


From the assessment of the current food tourism situation in District 5 and based on the proposed development model, the initiatives and plans we recommend for the District 5 People's Committee to implement throughout from 2020 to 2025 to achieve the goals of sustainable food tourism development while connecting the local community include:
(1) Solutions for District 5 food tourism product development to promote core values, expand potential values to diversify products for food tourism, thereby attracting more tourists to District 5.
(2) Solutions to promote and build the brand of food tourism in District 5, aiming to increase the level of brand awareness through the building of communication channels and brand identity for food tourism in District 5.
(3) Solutions for investment identified with suitable investment categories for different types of products and brands to bring the best results.