Not just a regular place of stay, destination hotels become the main driving force, directly affecting the travelers’ decisions.

Originally, travelers tend to choose a specific destination and the experiences at the destination that meet their needs before seeking suitable accommodation. With this, the hotel merely serves as a resting place for guests at the destination.

However, the emergence of the “destination hotel” model in recent years is gradually changing this traditional concept. With destination hotels, travelers will choose the hotel itself as a destination they desire to visit, entertain and experience in addition to normal accommodation needs. The hotel is now the main driving force for travelers to a destination.

What is the destination hotel?

Any new model is rooted in market demand. As tourism develops, the tourism market also grows and becomes increasingly diverse, creating various demands. Then, travelers not only need to just stay but also ask for more experiences and entertaining activities than before.

Therefore, many destination hotel models in the world have been built to meet these diverse needs. This also helps the hotel itself to become more prominent in the full-of-competitiveness lodging industry system.

Put simply, a destination hotel is a combination of two factors: “hotel” and “destination”. Therefore, a destination hotel can be understood as a hotel that not only accommodates and satisfies the basic needs of tourists but also brings the historical, architectural, cultural and artistic values of a real destination for its guests.

Some destination hotel models in the world

The model of destination hotel is developed with various approaches as it is not bound by any specific rules. Whether it is a hotel with incredibly unique architecture or a hotel with local historic values or a hotel combined with technology and art, each destination hotel has a unique feature to help it attract tourists. However, in general, destination hotels have to be like a true destination, which means they are able to offer different experiences and values to their guests.

Some typical destination hotels in the world can be mentioned such as:

1. Marina Bay Sands (Singapore)

Marina Bay Sands is the most famous luxury hotels in Singapore. With unique architecture, a building that looks like an aerial ship, apart from offers luxurious rooms with high-class services and modern facilities, it is also a huge shopping mall. It even offers a boating service on an artificial river in the middle of the mall, making guests feel like they are on a river in Venice, Italy.


Guests can also visit the Sands SkyPark Observation Deck to seize the panoramic view of a modern Singapore that sparkles with lights, spend time visiting the ArtScience Museum, or attend art workshops in the area of Marina Bay Sands.

Each year, the hotel organizes various entertainment programs and shows. For example, this year, Marina Bay Sands plans to host the School of Rock musical in August, the ballet performance in October and the Now You See Me magic show in November.

Besides, Marina Bay Sands also owns a series of high-class restaurants as well as luxury bars and lounges in order to offer culinary and nightlife experiences for guests.

2. Carton House Hotel & Golf Club (Maynooth, Ireland)

Carton House Hotel & Golf Club is a great choice for travelers visiting Ireland’s Maynooth. It promises to bring a romantic atmosphere along with many amenities for guests such as an infinity pool, afternoon tea service, restaurant and bar with a classic yet luxurious style.


To meet the demand for recreational activities, the resort built a tennis court and a whole 18-hole golf course, which made it become the host of the Irish Open in 2005, 2006 and 2013.

In addition, visitors can try cycling with a 9-kilometer-long route around Carton House, or stroll and see the unique landscapes and distinct creatures here or maybe try fishing. More active guests can try horseback riding, archery or even air rifles.

3. Jackalope (Merricks North, Australia)

With the goal of building “a home for travelers”, Jackapole accommodates guests during their stay with full amenities within their room as well as the infinity pool overlooking the vineyards and breakfast. All these make guests feel like they are actually at their own house.


In particular, Jackapole builds many different wine tasting packages, taking full advantage of its vast vineyard and premium wine cellar to provide unique experiences for travelers.

4. Icehotel (Jukkasjärvi, Sweden)

Icehotel is a hotel built entirely out of ice: from rooms to restaurants, bars, even art galleries and conference rooms.


One of the typical activities travelers can enjoy at this hotel is to have dinner in the forest and contemplate the ethereal beauty of the aurora sky.

Guests staying here can also visit and interact with reindeer, partake in ice sculpturing classes, experience rafting on the Torne River or go on a dog-sled ride to visit the Arctic region, or even challenge themselves with the ritual of jumping in ice water.

5. 137 Pillars House (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

137 Pillars House in Chiang Mai is built in a traditional Asian style combined with some European architectural heritage. The entire space inside the hotel brings a very peaceful and relaxing feeling with indigenous flowers and rock paths.


Guests staying here can participate in yoga or Pilates sessions and enjoy wellness with spa services and herbal treatments. Guests can also participate in cooking classes or even organize their private events like weddings and parties with Thai food and entertainment activities.

Guests may also enjoy elephant riding experience or tuk-tuk rides to the local market with a variety of flowers, fruits and antique items.


Each destination hotel mentioned above has its own distinctive mark from architecture, style to service and guest experience. However, what all these destination hotels have in common is that they have the ability to attract a large number of travelers each year thanks to the activities and values they offer.

To meet the travelers’ increasing demand for experiences, the model of destination hotel is a great potential for lodging businesses to explore and develop in the future. As destination hotels, they will become not only just a place to stay but also actively become a destination that is able to attract their own guests.

Source: Destination Review