Although the Ministry of Transport has proposed to reopen the international routes as well as to open only 1 flight per week for each country/territory, the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam also suggested that it should be only Vietnam Airlines to make these flights in the first phase.

Under the direction of the Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, Vietnamese ministries and agencies are actively working with foreign counterparts on the restoration of air transport links between Vietnam and a number of countries and territories, according to the Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Le Thi Thu Hang.

Last few days, the Ministry of Transport of Vietnam has put forward a proposal to the Government for consideration of resuming six international air routes in Asia. The proposed routes are Da Nang – Guangzhou, Ha Noi – Seoul, Ha Noi – Tokyo, Ho Chi Minh City – Taipei, Quang Ninh – Vientiane and Can Tho – Phnom Penh.

In the first phase, each route is expected to open with a frequency of 1 flight per week for each destination in order to effectively utilize aviation human resources (pilots and flight attendants) that are conducting international rescue flights to repatriate citizens.

The Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam (CAAV) appoints only Vietnam Airlines to carry out the above flights. After the pandemic is stabilized and under control, more countries will increase the frequency and number of international flight routes so other airlines could go back to their operation.

Also, all the flight crew, aviation staff, immigration management, customs and medics of the flight must be equipped with protective suits and are immuned from quarantine after each flight.


It is expected that these routes can be reopened at the earliest from the beginning of August. Ministry of Transport is also holding discussions with relevant agencies in these countries and territories to reach consensus on flight and route specifics.

According to the Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has informed a number of foreign agencies in Vietnam about plans to resume flights, which have been mentioned above from mid-July, on the basis of ensuring compliance with prevention measures to ensure the coronavirus does not spread in the community.

People who enter Vietnam must comply with medical quarantine rules and undergo appropriate quarantine measures in line with regulations.

The proposal to reopen the international routes was reported to the Prime Minister by the Ministry of Transport for consideration before any final decision to be made. However, in the document sent to the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Transport did not mention its suggestion that only the national carrier Vietnam Airlines will operate these first international commercial flights.