Clients: Saigontourist Group


Bat Dat Hotel is an old 3-star hotel under the management of Saigontourist Group, located in District 5, Ho Chi Minh City, with the common architecture of Saigon hotels in the 1990s. Previously, Bat Dat Hotel was one of the famous hotels in the area with outstanding services, prime location as well as specific customer services. However, in recent years, along with the change of market trends and competitive landscape, Bat Dat hotel is facing more and more problems affecting business performance and hotel operation.

Aware of the problems, as the leading travel brand in Vietnam, Saigontourist Group has pioneered in renewing thinking, making improvements and bringing a new breeze into Bat Dat Hotel. In particular, a big challenge for the corporation as well as for the hotel is the resources issue because it is almost impossible to rebuild the entire hotel in a new form with available resources and time. Accordingly, Saigontourist Group cooperated with Outbox Consulting to carry out the Bat Dat hotel repositioning project with the goal of transforming Bat Dat hotel into a "new" hotel on the basis of "old values", and at the same time optimizing business efficiency and hotel operation.


By assessing the actual situation of Bat Dat hotel, exploring the regional culture, and analyzing the market data, we have consulted for Saigontourist Group on orientations to reposition the hotel model to a "Destination hotel". This "destination hotel" model is applied to Bat Dat hotel with the following groups of initiatives and solutions:

  • Create a unique brand story for Bat Dat Hotel based on the hotel's core values combined with the values in terms of heritage and local community. This brand story will serve as the main inspiration for hotel design and convey communication messages to the target group of customers.
  • Build up a multi-functional destination hotel model to optimize the advantages of area as well as operational functions of the hotel. The multi-functional hotel model will also help Bat Dat Hotel diversify its revenue sources in the future by meeting the maximum needs of guests while staying at the hotel.
  • Finally, in order for Bat Dat Hotel to achieve the goal of optimizing operational efficiency, we also proposed ideas on self-operating models to minimize human involvement in unnecessary stages but still ensure convenience and comfort for customers when staying at the hotel.


We consulted for Saigontourist a direction to reposition the image of Bat Dat hotel from a mere accommodation into the first multi-function and self-operated "destination hotel" in Vietnam. This "destination hotel" model is expected to help Bat Dat build a new image, optimize business performance while changing and diversifying target market groups.