The Anthénea is a floating, solar-powered hotel suite equipped with electric motors and the ability to adapt to any environment, from the Arctic to tropical.

The Anthénea hotel suites are designed to immerse guests with the ocean as seamlessly as possible. Each suite is solar-powered, offers 360-degree views of its surroundings and has a glass bottom. The first Anthénea eco-hotel was unveiled in the port of Trébeurden on the coast of Brittany in France as the world’s first floating eco-luxe suite.

"Anthénea is a new kind of tourism, but also a new way of life in the face of many environmental challenges: rising sea levels, the effects of climate change, the over-density of the seaboard and places congested by tourism," quoted from the company’s website.


"Directly fed by the sun, Anthenea’s roof is made of solar panels whose circular shape is designed to follow the sun’s rays and live as close as possible to nature’s elements," says the company.

The sunroof is motorized and automatically moves to block the direction of the wind. There is also an outward-facing alcove and each suite is equipped with removable solarium windshields to create a second room. "Equipment and design choices are inspired by natural elements," says the company.

The company said that the suites were inspired by the 1977 James Bond film, The Spy Who Loved Me.

The eco-suites are now available for rental, and the company has seen a high demand for their accommodation. Each suite costs 290 euros (336 USD) per night for two people, and for those who would like to take ownership, it costs 450,000 euros (535,000 USD).

Anthénea has been certified as sea-worthy, sail along the seascape in slow discovery mode and drop anchor where your heart desires and no particular navigational skills or licenses are required.

According to Anthénea, the company is planning to build more pods in different locations around the world and for now it has made various international sales on their pods and is aiming to deliver these in 2021.

Source: Destination Review

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