Agoda now lists properties for stays of more than 30 days to capitalize on the growing trend of using vacation rentals for long term stays. 

Available on Agoda Homes, the latest long-term stay feature enables travelers to search dates ranging 30 to 90 days.


It is continuously improving its platform offerings to suit travelers’ changing needs. With more people looking for flexible, long-term accommodation for various reasons such as traveling, relocation or accepting overseas assignments, the new feature from the digital platform allows accommodation partners to benefit from this trend, especially during low travel season by helping maximize occupancy and have the fewer guest turnover to manage. 

David Salamon, director of product for Agoda Homes said: “We have seen an increased number of travelers stitching their trips together and booking the same property multiple times over an extended period. We will continuously test and improve and look forward as the new feature rolls out to the other types of properties on our platform. We will be rolling it out soon on our mobile app.”