Single apps for all travel needs, passport free travel and mobile app check-in are the top three ‘new travel norms’ expected by travellers in the next decade, according to new research by Agoda, the digital travel platform.

With the continued advancement of technology, revolutionary travel apps, and better connectivity, people expect a lot more from their travel experience in the next decade. Specifically, Southeast Asians half of all respondents in Indonesia (56%), Singapore (54%), Malaysia (53%), Taiwan (50%), the Philippines (48%) and Thailand (48%) considering this the norm in the next decade. This compares to only a third of people in the UK and the US (33%).

One in two South East Asians also view mobile app check in, allowing guests to skip the registration queue, download their room access key and go straight to their rooms, as the norm in the 2020s, with Singaporeans (54%), Filipinos (53%), Malaysians (58%) and Thais (49%) most expectant of this trend.


Meanwhile, Singapore (50%), Vietnam (47%), Philippines (45%), China (44%) and Australia (41%) are the top five origins most likely to see a future with passport-free travel. In the UK and US, they are less expectant of this advancement with only 1 in 5 expecting it to be the norm within the next decade.

“The 2020s will be defined by the power of data and machine learning. This will enable companies like Agoda to provide personalised, more relevant recommendations to make booking travel even easier,” explained Timothy Hughes, vice president of corporate development at Agoda.

Globally, people want to increase travel, but also to make eco-friendlier travel choices. Universally, people want to increase the amount of travel they undertake in the 2020s. Exploring more of their own country is cited by 40% of respondents globally, while international travel more often is anticipated at 35%.

Source: Travel Daily