Given the sudden halt in the travel industry, many operators are wondering if going virtual could be a way to open up new revenue streams to stay afloat. To help companies better understand this travel experience, TrekkSoft - the platform that helps to support booking solutions for the travel market has listed the product groups of this experience. 

Specifically, there are 4 four broad categories virtual tours can fall in: 


    1. Pre-recorded tours

This is a recording of your tour that is shared with customers after they've paid. The on-demand recording could be of your guide sharing insights about a destination or a specific topic, or it could be a vlog-like recording of a tour around your destination.

    2. Live tours

You could set up live tours using tools like Google Hangouts, Zoom, or GoToWebinar. These types of experiences are great if you want to provide opportunities for interaction between your guide and your customers. 

This category is where Airbnb's online experiences fall into.


    3. Semi-immersive tours

These tours often involve a physical element whether it's something delivered to the customers' homes or something they are able to purchase themselves to prepare for the tour. It is then paired with some sort of virtual experience whether it's a live call or a recording

    4. 360 tours

Got one of those 360 cameras? Now is a great time to experiment with the different 3D experiences you can create with them. 

Source: TrekkSoft